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Avalanche beacons and airbags 20% sale

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Backcountry avalanche gear isn’t usually discounted this time of the year but some big retailers are currently going for it. So woo-hoo if you need to upgrade or purchase your first avalanche beacon or avalanche airbag right now!

Beacons at

Beacons at

Avalanche beacons and airbags currently on sale – what and where?

Two online stores are fighting for your wallet in the backcountry avalanche safety gear category – and  On some they are matching each other, on some beating each other.

Couple of the most sought after beacons (transceivers) are being discounted of up to 25%, here are the most notable mentions:

BCA Tracker 2 avalanche beacon:

BCA Tracker DTS beacon:

Ortovox 3+ beacon:

Mammut Pulse Barryvox beacon:

Beyond the above both stores have pretty much all of their beacons on 20% sale, so the choices are plenty but all of the above are proven solid performers.

And what about avalanche airbags?

From the airbags category there couple of good products currently on sale for very reasonable prices, most notably the best deals are on BCA Float airbag line.

» Quick link to avalanche airbags category on
» and here’s a link to CampCaver’s airbags & survival gear category