Ortovox Orange II snow shovel – aluminum oval shaft – polycarbonate blade – T-grip handle
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Ortovox Orange II snow shovel

Ortovox Orange II snow shovel

Bottom line

Ortovox Orange II is, as the name suggests, a second generation of a very popular snow shovel. It is quite stiff mostly thanks to its oval shaped aluminum shaft. The polycarbonate blade is also very strong but keeps the weight down. It fits into almost any backpack.

Use(r) suitability

Ortovox Orange II is great overall snow shovel if you don’t need to use it every day for snow study pits, building kickers or cutting through crusts. Great snow shovel to fit into any backpack.

Product description

Ortovox Orange II builds on features of its predecessor – simplicity, lightness and very affordable price. As with any Ortovox snow shovel lower price does not mean lower quality. This is simply their shovel for those that do not require something very sturdy for heavy use on daily basis.

The aluminum telescopic oval shaft makes for great handling and sanded coating provides slip-free grip.

The polycarbonate blade is very durable and will not break even in extreme conditions, however, plastic blades tend to have harder time cutting through crusts because of the material’s flex.

The Orange II shovel handle is a T-grip style and works nicely with the sanded coating on the shaft. It is easy and comfortable to handle.

For a tougher snow shovel that will last you years and can cut through any snow or crusts check out the Ortovox’s Professional Alu II or Beast, or for Backcountry Access Traverse EXT snow shovel.

Technical info

  • Intended for: all purpose shovel but the blade won’t stand heavy abuse on daily bases
  • Shovel blade: polycarbonate
  • Shovel shaft (material, shape): aluminum, oval
  • Handle grip style: T-grip
  • Length (overall, shaft folded): 85cm, 46cm
  • Additional features: none
  • Blade (scoop) dimensions: 29 x 21 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 600g
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